Company’s sales soar high by 65% within the first 3 months of its campaign

Industry: software, technology

The campaign turned out to be a huge success for Professional Advantage that within the first 3 months of engagement, they had to hire an extra team of salespeople to cope with the increased demand.

About Professional Advantage
Professional Advantage is a leading software services and solutions provider. Established in 1989, they are known for providing ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence Solutions to financial services companies.
Why Professional Advantage chose Arrow?
The goal of the company was to increase their sales leads and to increase the organic and paid traffic to their website.

The company also wanted to increase the conversion rate of the qualified leads so as to drive the growth of sales and revenue for them in the long run.
Our Approach for Professional Advantage
The company had a complex website with multiple navigation layers. We improved the user experience based on the visitor interaction obtained from analytics. We did a complete analysis of the Google paid campaigns and identified certain keywords that resulted in wasted clicks. We refined their marketing messages to be in line with the  value proposition of the company. The ad copy extensions used were not distinctive and was ineffective in achieving the required results.

Arrow’s approach was to optimize the website by creating quality content that would be favourable to the company’s potential target audience and to understand based on the heat maps what text was heavy and non-favourable to customers. 

This practice helped them increase their conversion rate and acquire their desirable sales targets and revenue.
The company’s sales increased by 65 percent within three months of Arrow taking on the campaign that they had to hire an extra team of salespeople to cope with the demand.

Following this, the company engaged Arrow in a content marketing campaign to follow up with the leads being generated and nurture them for increased conversions. 

The campaign was extremely successful and the articles written by the Arrow team were published in premier industry publications resulting in increased brand exposure and sales.

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