Received a $3.5Mil in funding within a year from Kogan’s founder

Industry: Real estate, Online Directory

Arrow worked on integrated growth model for Landchecker that included a customer segmentation strategy with message testing. Scaling this strategy helped them smash their registered users target.

Successfully leading to a $3.5 Million Funding from the Founder of Kogan in a year.

Landchecker is an interactive platform that is designed to find complete land and property related information in Victoria.

Why LANDCHECKER chose Arrow?
The primary goal of the Company was to acquire new users to their platform. Having worked on projects with other property tech firms, Landchecker trusted Arrow to help them Operating through a freemium model, the secondary goal was to identify new opportunities to step up registered users to become paid users of the platform.
Our Approach for landchecker
Arrow devised an Integrated growth strategy for Landchecker that involved working with the development team on app navigation and structure, content for their Single-page app and social media platforms with the aim of driving traffic growth and positioning Landchecker as the one-stop platform for all real estate and property information.

Arrow’s approach involved creating scalable digital campaigns with the aim of increasing web traffic and growing their user base as well as driving engagement with power users of the free service B2B players like  property developers and architects to increase Annual Recurring Revenue.

The results of this campaign included a significant increase of 12,000 new users to their platform with a 28% increase in organic users all within the first 3 months of engagement.

Landchecker’s website traffic and visibility in Australia increased with a 78% increase in clicks and 65% rise in conversion rate of users to the platform.

During the course of the campaign, there was a remarkable drop in the cost per click and a 422% return on all advertising spend. 

They were able to secure a strong and consistent online presence and a proven model to scale their capital injection from high-net worth Investors.

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