Parental Site builds $5M revenue in 4 years and sells for $45M.

Industry: Online Community/Directory

We helped Kidspot grow their website traffic from a few thousand users to a Million visitors a month. Finally leading to an exit by Newscorp of $45 Million.

About Kidspot
Kidspot Australia is about simplifying the parenting journey from pregnancy to toddlers. Launched in 2005, Kidspot started as a directory for maternity, baby, and kid related products. Now boasting the most comprehensive site for parents in Australia, it is where mums go. It has a very strong community for mums to share stories, issues, joys and connect in a moderated, private forum.

Why Kidspot chose Arrow?
Kidspot came to Arrow because as described by Katie May, “While there are many so called Digital gurus, (and we have tried many of them), none seemed to be delivering the results they promised.”
Our Approach for Kidspot
Using a number of growth metrics to increase their visbility and website traffic in order to build their customer base, Arrow implemented a digital strategy that included a Google Keyword Marketing strategy that was aimed at acquiring 100,000 mothers on the Kidspot Website in the first year itself.

After seeing the results that we brought them, the client went on to further reinvest in more Keywords and differentiated strategies to further broaden their reach to mothers in Australia.

Arrow helped the team at Kidspot improve their growth metrics through a combination of Google Marketing and innovative technologies like Kidspot Social which proved to be revolutionary for the site.

Working on various sections of the Kidspot website, we finally achieved to get Kidspot on page 1 for over 2000 Key-phrases. In a span of two years, Arrow achieved to grow the company’s organic search visitors enormously taking them from 3,000,000 visitors in 2009 to 4,844,628 visitors in 2010.

Following this, Katie May went on to sell Kidspot in 2011 for $ 45 Million to Newscorp.
Arrow Digital showed outstanding results by growing our website traffic and giving us creative methods to grow our business. They stood out by their diligence in improving all areas of digital marketing. Jasmine and the Arrow Team really care for their clients and consistently deliver results.

If you are looking for growth, then Arrow is the company to go with!
Katie May

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