Clinic management platform raises $1M capital in just 7 months

Industry: Online booking, payment solution

Arrow worked on integrated growth strategy for Booklyfe that included a combination of marketing messages and campaigns with the aim of ultimately increasing their lead to conversion rate.

Successfully leading to a $1 Million capital raise within just 7 months of engagement with Arrow.

Booklyfe is a Clinic Management Platform that helps people connect with doctors, practitioners, wellness and medical establishments. Before engaging with Arrow they were a pre-revenue company whose aim was to build their technology and become a marketable software in the Healthcare space.

Why BOOKLYFE chose Arrow?
Booklyfe wanted to grow their business in Australia using various growth methods. They approached Arrow to help them get this started as they needed help with establishing a sales and marketing system in order to build their audiences and present a top go-to-market strategy to potential investors and VC groups.
Our Approach for BOOKLYFE
Arrow did a thorough research of the different audiences and marketing channels to reach out to Booklyfe’s target audience. A combination of marketing messages and campaigns were run to measure which strategy worked best for them.

The strategies that were used helped Booklyfe secure a good number of enquiries and increase their lead to conversion rate. Arrow’s very first launch got their marketing ticking and these achievements were communicated to the 5 different Investor groups that expressed their interest with constant updates sent to them on Booklyfe’s  improved metrics and milestones.
The campaigns turned out to be a massive success with a considerable improvement in all investor-focused metrics.

Booklyfe went on to secure breakthrough partnerships with associations connected to multiple clinical establishments.

They were also successful in securing a $1Million raise from an investor group that was brought to them by Arrow within 7 months of engagement.

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