Ecommerce platform attains top rankings in Australia and the US Market

Industry: enterprise ecommerce

Following their market entry in the US, BigCommerce closed almost $220 Million in total funding over their 7 Capital Investment rounds.

BigCommerce (formerly known as Interspire) helps companies build and grow their e-commerce operations through their SaaS Ecommerce platform. Businesses can use the platform for functions like catalog management, checkout, order management and store design.
Why BIGCOMMERCE chose Arrow?
BigCommerce approached Arrow seeking a growth strategy for their business in Australia. Having worked on several projects with Digital Marketplaces, Bigcommerce saw the potential and expertise that Arrow was bringing in to the table with their fast growth approach and connections in the US Market to help Big Commerce with entry and expansion.

The engagement brought top rankings for BigCommerce in both the Australian & the US Market.
Our Approach for bigcommerce
Arrow used a combination of growth hacking methods, market and global expansion combined with a digital strategy to help Bigcommerce grow in the Australian Market. By focussing on their scalability metrics like decrease in customer Acquisition Cost and Increased sales, Bigcommerce saw exponential growth in their business over the engagement period and in the process, further improved their metrics which helped them gain interest from investors.

The same techniques were applied to the US Market and consequently they achieved success and top rankings there as well.

Arrow helped BigCommerce achieve massive success in both the Australian market and the US Market where they obtained top rankings for certain keywords and tremendous growth.

This resulted as a breakthrough for the company, as they relaunched to become “BigCommerce” and are now present in more than 120 countries.

Following their successful engagement with Arrow, they achieved 7 rounds of Capital Raise and raised close to $220 Million in Funding.
Today, BigCommerce ranks as the world’s #2 SaaS platform after Shopify, which launched 6 years before we did.
Katie May

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