Helping tech founders to flourish

To bolster the growth of innovative tech businesses with women at the helm
At Arrow Scale Ups, in our 14 years of experience, we have facilitated the growth of countless tech initiatives, helping them reach exciting new heights. While many similar agencies prioritise helping fresh start ups through accelerator programs, often involving dense content crammed into a few short weeks, we found that participants often leave overwhelmed and relatively unsupported. Considering this alongside the reality that women are underrepresented in the tech start up space, we decided to develop a “Grow” program targeted at Female founded startups in the post accelerator phase to share our expertise, expand your network and maximise your growth.

In an online global cohort, participants will receive ongoing mentoring and guidance in a 6 month curriculum, combining classes, workshops and collaborative events in addition to one-on-one sessions with experts selected for your specific needs.
About us
At Arrow Scale-Ups, we work to mitigate the challenges that can accompany the process of scaling a business. Through our “Grow” program, we offer mentorship from industry experts in the technology space to a global cohort. From the establishment of strong growth marketing to the search for alliance partnerships, Arrow employs integrated strategies that align with the goals of your company to maintain the momentum of accelerators. We have worked with founders from more than 30 industries on scalability campaigns, consolidating their teams and granting them access to our global network. Our alumni include BigCommerce, Booklyfe, KidSpot who have achieved massive growth, international traction and been acquired by companies like NewsCorp and Fairfax
The program structure:
Month 1:

Branding, Marketing & New Market Entry

Month 2:

Strategic alliances and partnerships

Month 3:

Capital Raising & Budget Allocation

Month 4:

Hiring Superstars

Month 5:

Managing the team

Month 6:


In order to support your companies growth, we will:
Create a global cohort of mentors and entrepreneurs to ensure accountability and to build your network.
Implement and test a variety of growth marketing strategies to raise capital.
Refine and analyse your optimal target customer.
Assist in the process of forming alliance partnerships.
Identify gaps in your current skill set and provide fresh training/talent to bolster your existing team and create a shared, institutionalised knowledge.
Develop profitable digital marketing campaigns.
Provide strategies for expansion of your marketing across geographies.
Provide guidance in preparing your investor documents.
Develop strategies and processes for attracting investors.

The program cost is $5000 USD and will include:

12 classes
6 workshops
6 collaborative events
10 45-minute one-on-one sessions with Mentors.
Access to an online platform with 
extra content, question and discussion boards
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